Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SALE | Shopbop Holiday Sale Event!

Hey guys! Shopbop let me know about the biggest sale event of the year, which is happening right now until December 1st. You don't want to miss this! All brands are part of this sale event.
This is definitely the time to take care of your holiday shopping, and to splurge on items you've had your eye on (which is always the case for me!) because you can receive:

  • 15% on orders over $250
  • 20% off on orders over $500
  • 25% on orders over $1000

Also, if you do your shopping with a friend, there are more discount opportunities. 

Visit Shopbop.com for more details about this sale event. 

クリスマスシーズンが間近に迫っています。ということは、セールシーズン!私の大好きなShopbop.com でも、ホリデーセールが今夜、11/25 21:00~ 12/1 13:59 まで開催されます!全てのブランドがセール対象となるので、大変お得となってます。お買い上げ金額に対して、割引率も変わります:




Happy shopping :)



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Medical Esthetic Salon Viage

This weekend, I was invited to try out a new esthetic salon in Kitaurawa called Viage, which is conveniently near my home. It was actually my first time to ever visit a beauty salon in Japan, so I was very excited for this opportunity. The owner, Ms. Sasaki, did an amazing 60-min facial for me, and I could tell my skin looked much brighter than it did when I first walked into the salon. I took these photos after my facial - can you tell my skin looks better than before? I decided not to wear any makeup the rest of the day :) 

今週末、北浦和にオープンしたViage というエステサロンへ行ってきました。エステをするのは生まれて初めてだったので、わくわくしながらフェイシャルをやってもらいました。オーナーの佐々木さんはとても素敵な方で、気持ちいいフェイシャルをしてくれました♪ 60分があっという間に過ぎ、肌も生まれ変わったように引き締まっていて、明るくなっていました!!本当におすすめです。またお世話になると思います♪

E-mail: viagekitauwara@gmail.com
phone: 048-762-9020



Saturday, November 22, 2014

BEAUTY | a NARS holiday

I mentioned in a previous post that I received some NARS cosmetics after modeling for their artist summit in Tokyo. What I didn't mention was they sent me more beautiful shades of lip colors, blush and eyeliner. I am truly in (NARS) makeup heaven right now. Even the packaging was perfect for the holiday season.

I've been using NARS blush for over a year now, and I really recommend those - the colors look beautiful on the skin and they are so easy to blend. I'm not huge fan of lipgloss, but adding a bit of gloss over a lipstick adds the right amount of shine (or that's what Mr. Nars himself told some of the artists at the summit). So that's what I've been trying :)


I'm currently looking for a new makeup bag to fit my newest additions. I'm really liking this Ezra small striped cosmetic pouch by Kate Spade, the medium dome cosmetic pouch in gold by Lesportsac, and the Marc by Marc Jacobs preppy nylon small cosmetic pouch in black. I don't really like noisy prints when it comes to small accessories like a makeup bag. So hard to decide! Shopbop has a big selection of cosmetic pouches here.

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway with The Golden Heart Store here, and PLEASE check out my new song on Youtube here!! I would really appreciate it <3




Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NEW SONG - "Turn it Up" club-D ft. Samantha Rhodes & Claudio

Finally finally finally! - my new song is now up on Youtube!! 

"Turn it Up" club-D ft. Samantha Rhodes & Claudio

I would appreciate it SO much if you all took a listen to this track! It's an EDM dance tune with Latin inspiration. I wrote the lyrics and Claudio created the rap lyrics in Spanish, so it's a very multi-cultural track :)

For more information on the track and the artists, please visit www.clubdmusic.com.
It would be awesome if you subscribe to club-D music on Youtube and like the song!

是非是非、聴いてみて下さい! EDMのダンスチューンに仕上げました!歌と歌詞を入れるのがすごく楽しかったので、それが伝わればいいなと思います。ラップはクラウディオさんがスペイン語でやってますよ!かっこいいです♪



I hope you all enjoy it! <3



Monday, November 17, 2014

GIVEAWAY | Letters Impromptu x The Golden Heart Store

A new collaboration and giveaway courtesy of The Golden Heart Store!

denim jacket: vintage Levi's (similar denim jackets here); 
pants: Le Ciel Bleu (similar black skinnies here); backpack: Mono (similar backpacks here);

The Golden Heart Store is an online apparel store based in Germany that sells cute tanks and beanies. They were kind enough to send me the "Stay Golden" tank top, and the the navy "The Golden Heart Store" beanie. I decided to style both items with other casual items in my closet - my favorite vintage Levis denim jacket and my Chelsea boots. 

And now,  I'd like to present to you a giveaway, courtesy of The Golden Heart Store! You have a chance to win this cozy navy beanie :) All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below.

This giveaway ends on November 30th at 12AM PST.

Visit The Golden Heart Store on Facebook and follow their Instagram. Good luck!!

皆さん、こんにちは!今回は、The Golden Heart Store という、ドイツのアパレルブランドを紹介したいと思います。タンクトップやニット帽がすごく可愛いですよ!私は、"Stay Golden"のタンクトップとネイビーのニット帽を頂きました。そして今回、Giveaway企画を読者の皆様にお届けしたいと思います!!下のラッフルコプターでエントリーすれば、私が着用しているニット帽が当たりますよ! Good luck! :)


The Golden Heart Store を是非Facebook でいいねして下さい!インスタグラムもやっていますよ!

a Rafflecopter giveaway